Reviews for Taelstone

  • Liv Scott-Dinham

    Reviewed on Goodreads

    Absolutely loved it.

    Prokop has built an immersive world filled with magic and peril that draws you in completely and ties you to Kep and Ash’s reluctant quest.
    This is a tale that is thrilling and completely enthralling.

  • Joey

    Reviewed on Amazon

    Taelstone was an exciting adventure and very epic. The seeds of a long and mysterious deep lore have been planted and left me excited to read and learn more in the following books. The world Prokop has created feels refreshing, unique and yet harks back to the cruelty of the Hunger Games universe, and the enormously broad and fantastical world of Tolkien. Bring on book 2!

  • Amazon Customer

    Reviewed on Amazon

    An interesting new take on the classic fantasy novel. The music as a strand is well woven and provides a nicely woven backstory. The tale of Ash and Kep kept me absorbed – had to miss going into work on the weekend as I didn’t want to put it down!

    The greatest frustration with any trilogy (or more) is waiting for the next one. I highly recommend this novel – but I hope Prokop doesn’t do a Rothfuss on us as I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel.

  • Karen Boyes

    Reviewed on Amazon

    Taelstone is a funtastic adventure – I loved every minute of it! Articulately written, I found myself being absorbed by the characters, the wonderful descriptions and the plot. Each chapter provided excitement, suspense and I was compelled to keep on reading! Robyn has taken the essence from Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and weaved it into an equally irresistible tale. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the fantasy adventure genre.

  • Billy Buttons

    Reviewed on Amazon

    I’m a fantasy fan. I’m also a fan of YA novels. So, this epic fantasy is perfect for me. In a nutshell, Taelstone is the first book (of a trilogy possibly) set in Mildaresh (at the beginning anyway) and follows the ups and down of a kitchen slave named Ash and a girl named Kep. What follows is a fantastically exciting adventure as the two teenagers go on the run hunted by a ‘ruthless tracker’. Many elements of a successful YA fantasy adventure are here: strong characters who develop with the story, a ton of twists, turns and surprising secrets, and, of course, a tiny element of ‘will they/won’t they’ fall in love.

    But, on top of all of that, there are a number of elements that jumped out at me as being different. There’s the music – or the Song – which is an interesting, cleverly plotted part of the story and which I suspect the author will develop in following books. There’s also the wonderful pacing. So much happens ALL OF THE TIME! It’s cool. There seems to be a plot twist in every chapter, helping to keep the reader interested and turning the page.

    So, who is this novel for? Well, I think any teenager who enjoys a good adventure with a smaller element of fantasy will find this gripping. Recently, I have been reading lots of Sarah Noffke books. In a way, this author is just as good as her as, like Noffke, she knows her readers and she seems to know what they want: lots happening, relatable characters, a tiny bit of romance, and a ton of twists.
    I dare you not to like it!

  • Trudie Walter

    Reviewed on Goodreads

    Loved it. For a reader that doesn’t usually read fantasy, I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn’t put Taelstone down until I’d read to the last page. It left me eagerly awaiting Book 2.